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Sounds like it's time for a kiddie harness. My mother put me in one of those because I would run off or blindly follow the coat hem of other women (thinking they were my mother), getting lost in the process. I apparently only wore it once because the embarrassment of wearing it taught me to stay out of trouble. I wonder if they make one that Shuma wouldn't be able to wiggle out of?


my child is a terror too, and not made, born! BUT she grew out (she's about 2 months older than shuma, but I think girls smarten up faster LOL) of it and now insists on helping by standing in the cart and unloading it onto the cashier. Otherwise it's prety difficult shopping with a little one unless you have help! I remember this particular incidient in Japan when the entire shop was starying at my daughter and her cousin wrecking havoc, and of course after the checkout her cousin bit a huge chunk into her finger! LOL ...he also wasn't made that way..it's built it!


Erika, we have one! It was useful for a while but he really didn't like it and eventually learned to just sat down and refuse to move. I got tired of literally dragging him everywhere.

Lil, it's good to hear some grow out of it! Shuma is starting to get interested in "helping" load and unload the cart, but is a thrower. That incident doesn't sound fun, but I do think Japanese people in general are more tolerant of annoying little kids than North Americans are.

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